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20th Birthday With Trish

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I met Trish on my 19th birthday while away with my family visiting our cousins. Trish was my cousin Linda's friend, 20 years old but much more experienced than I. Before too long Linda left us alone to go with some dorky guy. Trish & I went for a walk down by the beach boardwalk where I got to know her much better.

We sat looking out over the water on a bench. Trish kept pushing our conversation to sex. After a while I was feeling sexy from talking dirty talk with my new friend. Trish soon came right out & asked me if I masturbated much. I did it a lot but I never told anybody about it because I was way too shy. Talking to Trish that night seemed to wash away my fears & shyness. I told her that I did masturbate pretty well every day when I woke up & before I went to sleep. Trish then spilled her entire life story about how she learned to masturbate, how often she did it, what she used besides her fingers & then how she & Linda did it together so many times before. I was amazed that Linda actually masturbated at all. She was always so perfect & prissy. I thought she would never do more than kiss a guy before marriage.

Talking with Trish was making me wet & excited. I was squirming in my shorts wishing I could rub myself out a couple of hard orgasms right there. Trish asked me if I was feeling horny right then to which I answered an honest yes. Then she told me she was also horny & said we could slip off our shorts & do it right there by the water. I got a wild rush of juice gush from my puss the second she mentioned masturbating with her right there. This was new to me & very exciting to even think about.

I wanted to do it so badly! The thought of seeing her do it right there & her watching me kept racing through my mind. I looked both ways & realized nobody was going to bother us out there in the dark beyond the street lights. There was just enough light to see our bodies & anybody under the street lights would never be able to see us. I looked at Trish & shook my head yes. That's all she needed to see. Trish stood up & slid her sandals off then slid her shorts off along with her panties. I could see Trish had just a little red bush just like her head. She told me to get my ass in gear so I too slipped off my shorts & runners. We sat back down on the bench & Trish said we should sit at each end to watch if anybody walked our way.

We had to sit very straight so the hard bench arm would not dig into our backs. We both kept one leg on the bench & Trish took my foot & tucked it tight under her leg. We had our other leg on the beach digging our toes in the sand. Trish looked at me & asked what I was waiting for. Her hand was flicking back & forth from side to side over her clit. For the first time ever I put my fingers to my own clit while another girl watched me. I felt sexy & dirty at the same time. My clit was so ready to be touched. I slid my fingers inside & drew out a big glop of slippery puss juice then coated my clit & started to rub away. I could not help but wiggle & make noise. Trish was just sitting still moving her hand from side to side. She asked if I was OK. I told her I was very OK & that my clit had not been this sensitive in a long time. Trish told me it was because we had been talking about it for so long before we actually did it. She told me it was something like foreplay but only with words.

I was only rubbing my clit for a about two minutes before I could feel a well needed & wonderful orgasm coming. I started to breath out of my mouth drawing fast short breaths & Trish told me in a whisper voice 'go for it girl. you're already there'. I tried to keep as quiet as possible blowing out of my mouth so nobody could hear. My orgasm was so much better than all others because I was sharing it with Trish. I opened my legs as wide as I could to show her my fingers rubbing up & down my swollen clit while my hips rolled the opposite direction. It felt like it would never end. I rubbed for as long as my clit could take until it was so sensitive I just had to stop. I wanted to slide down on the bench but my back was on the hard bench arm. Trish told me how nice it was to watch me have an orgasm. She said she liked the way my body reacted to my touch & that she could tell my orgasm was good. All the time she was slowly rubbing herself. She told me to just watch & it was now her turn to orgasm for me. Trish's fingers started to move faster, then faster, then real fast. It was so much different than what I did. She was able to bring herself to orgasm fast. When she did she was pretty quiet but her body moved allot. Trish jumped up off the bench & stood with her legs open & came standing in front of me. Her legs kept dropping like she was dipping & her head wobbled back & forth. She looked a bit funny but she sure enjoyed her orgasm & so did I. She stood shaking with her fingers between her legs. She sat back down & commented on how good her orgasm felt. Trish was sitting with both feet on the sand & leaning back on my leg. She laid her arm on my leg & asked if I needed to do it again. I asked her if there was a more comfortable spot we could go. She smiled & said get dressed & I'll take you home.

On the way home we talked about what it was like to masturbate together. I got even more horny than before & told Trish I wanted to do it with her again before we got back where all the people were. Trish said her house was close & her parents were not home. We went inside & down to the basement. Trish told me she would be able to hear if they came in so we were OK to do it there. Trish took all of her clothes off this time. Her boobs were nice & firm & pretty big compared to mine. She had wide large nipples & a belly button that looked like it was being stretched into an oval. This time we had lamps to light our bodies. I wanted to me naked too & did the same. Trish reached out & ran her hand over one of my boobs then softly pulled at my nipple then gave me a nice compliment about how she liked my nipples. I told her I wished I had boobs like hers because they were big & firm. After we talked about our boobs we got right into masturbating. We were rubbing & watching each other then I was the first one to orgasm again. As soon as I was finished Trish got up & told me she'd be right back. She came back with something in her hand then held it out inches from my face. It was the first time I ever saw a vibrator. Trish told me it could make me orgasm much faster than fingers, then she laid back & showed me how. She slid the long vibe into her puss then gave it pumps in & out. What a thrilling thing to watch! She moved it to her clit & turned on the power. The soft whirl of the vibe could be heard over Trish's own breathing & slight moans then Trish got a bit louder. I shushed her & she did get quiet but her orgasm was hard. I watched Trish's body jerk much different than it did back at the beach. She took the vibe from her clit & turned it off but her clit & puss pumped in & out with orgasm contractions long after.

When Trish was done she asked me if her orgasm looked any different. She slowly got to her feet & walked to the powder room closer by. She rinsed off the vibe & brought it back to me & told me to give it a try. I was not going to pass up that offer & took it right away. Trish told me to turn it on & place on my clit & wait. I didn't have to wait at all. It took about two seconds before a wonderful feeling started in my clit. In less than a minute I had a more powerful orgasm than before. I had been missing so much my not having a vibrator! The orgasm was like heaven & so fast. As soon as I could, I did it again. Bang another wild orgasm! I was just coming down off the orgasm when Trish said 'they're home'! We scrambled to get our clothes on & Trish clicked on the T.V. Her mom came down the stairs & my panties were on the floor. Trish introduced me as her new friend. Her mom asked if we had just got in & said we looked hot. Trish told her we went for a walk by the beach.

I told Trish I should get home to my cousins & she walked me back even though it was so close. Trish handed me the vibe when we got to the yard & said 'happy birthday' with a soft smile. I hugged her & told her no but she insisted & said she had more where that came from. She told me to think about her every time I had one of my delicious orgasms.

Trish assured me she would not tell my cousin about our night. She said they had not been together masturbating for over a year anyway & it was in the passed for them. I turned & left with a little lump in my throat. I had gotten very close to Trish in just one night. It was the first time I felt that way about a girl & maybe because of what we shared together. It lasted a few weeks before I got Trish off my mind. I can honestly say that I do still think about her every time I give that little vibe a twist. The sound still reminds me of watching her twist & squirm in orgasm & then me doing the same for her.

Nice memories.



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