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1st Time Was Great But Later Was Better!

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First time was great but later was better!
When I was almost 12 my mom worked part-time so I would spend her work hours at our neighbor's. They had 2 daughters, Maryanne who was 13 and Tessie who was a year younger than me. We had plenty of time to play and they had a garage where we hung out when it was rainy. One day in the garage, Maryanne suggested that we play doctor. She would be the doctor, Tessie the nurse and I was to be the patient. In short order, I was on my back and Maryanne was examining me, beginning with lifting up my shirt and then unzipping my fly. She told me it would be better if I undressed and I complied, already feeling a strange excitement in my belly. I lay flat on my back naked and she listened to my heart and told me to say 'ahh' and then proceeded to examine my still soft peter. Her touch felt strangely pleasant and my cock began to respond by getting stiff and standing upright. Granted, at the time it was about the size of her thumb when it was fully erect, but both girls were amazed by its stiffness and size. Maryanne enjoyed pulling my foreskin down to expose the tip and did so repeatedly, giggling as she bent my cock away from my body and letting it fall back with a 'twack' as it hit my belly. Nurse Tessie then took her turn, rubbing and pulling and playing with my cock and holding my balls in her hand and tugging them to make my cock move. She had the tip exposed and was squeezing its spongy knob between her thumb and forefinger when it happened. I felt almost dizzy as the feeling welled up in my body behind my cock and spasms of pleasure wafted behind her touch. I moaned and tried to sit up as the pleasant sensations erupted again and again. And then to all of our amazement, my cock lost its stiffness! I told the two girls about this terrific feeling that had happened and both girls were intrigued to say the least. I stayed naked with the doctor and nurse examining me for a bit longer, but my cock wouldn't get stiff again, probably because our time was limited by their mom hollering for us to come in. Needless to say, playing doctor became our prime play-time activity whenever we could.
The 'better' part of my story happened about two weeks before school started back up. We were already medical professionals by then, the three of us having examined each other's private parts with gusto for about a month and a half. Tessie and I both enjoyed playing with and sucking on Maryanne's developing lemon-half tits and making her nipples get thick and stick out. The best part was spreading the lips of her lightly fuzzed pussy and making her get all slippery down there. Tessie had no tits to speak of, just little nickel-sized pink circles with little bb-sized nipples, but when we played with her bald cunt she got just as wet and slippery as her older sister. Both girls jacked me off every time we could get to do it and both girls definitely enjoyed the attention to their pussies, their orgasms evident from the flushed body and moans that accompanied that 'real good funny feeling down there'. Anyway, Tessie got the idea that she wanted to see how she would look 'if she had a peter', so I sat on a chair and she sat on my lap with my cock sticking up in front of her. Her pussy was already juicy and I could feel its slippery wetness on the base of my cock. I then found that by moving my hips I could make my cock appear and disappear and both girls thought that was terrific. Plus, it felt awful damn good! Maryanne was kneeling down and watching my cock move in and out of sight between her sisters thighs, rubbing its length along her freely flowing slit and the tip shining from her juices when I came, my first ejaculation ever! The first spasm shot its jet past Maryanne's shoulder and the next landed with a splat below her neck, the third on her left tit and then a weaker glob jumped an inch or two up and landed on Tessie's leg. A few more drops rolled out and down and I almost fainted from the feeling. It was almost scary but it was the best feeling I had ever experienced up until then! Now we had a new way that we used to get each other off for the next two weeks. Just to show how naive and dumb kids were back in 1959, it never occurred to us that my cock should go inside their pussies! I learned that about 3 months too late and that opportunity to do it with Tessie and Maryanne was gone!



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