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1st Time Since College

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Wonderful experience I wouldn't mind repeating!


My work colleague and I had to travel unexpectedly from the US to just outside London this last week. Once we arrived after such a long flight, we went to check into our hotel, but due to a booking error, we ended up with one room and two beds. Luckily, it did have an in room bath suite. We were OK with it, he being 40 and married, and me being 38 and married, it seemed as no big deal. We changed to go see the sights since we didn't have work until the following day. As we were changing, he decided to change his briefs since he'd had them on the last 12 hours flying. Quickly and without thinking, he stripped down to them while he rifled through his luggage for a clean pair. I couldn't help but look, as his briefs were very eye catching as they had a 'pocket' for his package. I had not seen a grown man in his underwear since college, and I just say, he is in great shape. All of a sudden, he says, 'do you like them? I sure do. They hold my stuff out just right. Expensive at $24 a pair, but so soft and sculpting. Wanna try them on? We look about the same size.' And with that, he pulled them off and threw them to me! They were warm, and soft, and I couldn't help but notice the small glistening patch of precum where his cock was nestled. That when I looked up and saw his hardening uncut penis. I stammered for a response, and he said not to worry, he won't tell anyone. He just needed a good jerk since he'd been so cooped up on the plane and, and since his wife wasn't giving him any lately due to a recent baby they'd had.

I said 'by all means, we all do it' and he said for me too join in. My head spinning, I decided why not! I pulled off my clothes quickly and was standing in my boxers hesitating. He suggested I put his briefs on and see how I liked them. All the while, he is slowly jacking his what looked like an 8' cock. His foreskin just rolling back and forth over his thick glistening purple head. I'm no slouch my self in that area, but my 7' cock was no where near as thick as his. I whipped off my boxers and slide his wonderful briefs on. His precum was still moist, but cold on my dick. I instantly fell in love with these underwear. I got such a hard on so quick, I was surprised as he was. Next thing I know, he was rubbing my cock through the stretching material. He reassured me that its our secret and to just go with it. I just sat back and let him go for it. The modal material was so slick and smooth. I got into it and reached for his gigantic dick. I'd never felt a foreskin before, and I really wished I had one now! He sensed my excitement and curiosity and asked if I wanted to put my dick in his foreskin. Without hesitation, I said yes! He slid the briefs down and took hold of my slick cock, carefully lining his dickhead with mine. We were slit to slit, like our penises were kissing, when he slid his foreskin over both our heads and just a little down my shaft. I was thick enough that it held on pretty tightly. I stood there as he speed up the speed and jacked us like we had one big penis between us. It was amazing, he made so much precum, we needed no lube! All of a sudden, I felt him erupt and flood our joined cocks with the thickest whitest cum I've ever seen. As it leaked out, he continued jacking us and then seconds later, I let my load loose. I almost passed out due to the overwhelming feeling. There was cum everywhere. He continued to keep us held together as I started to deflate, then pulled me with him to the bathroom. We stepped into the shower and he asked me to pee on him to clean him off! Completely silent, I did as he asked and as I pissed, our dicks separated and I continued to aim my flow at his cock. He gave a few more strokes and erupted in another huge orgasm. Not wanting to miss out, I asked him for my turn, and he let loose a heavy stream of urine and pissed away any remaining cum on my dick and balls. Completely turned on again, I jerked until orgasm again. It was amazing. We cleaned up, and the next three days repeated that and more if you catch my meaning. He's asked me to continue our play now that were back in the States, and I can't wait.



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