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1st Orgasm-full Body Press

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Unusual first orgasm, Got a big rig truck tube?


I did not learn about the pleasures of orgasm the typical way a teenage boy does. Actually it wasn't until my fourth orgasm that I stroked myself off with my hand.

It happened one day when I just turned 13 years old. My dad was a long haul truck driver, and as such had to replace his tires about once a year. We had a swimming pool in the back yard, and the tubes from the tires made great flotation toys for my two brothers and our friends. The tubes when filled with air were almost four-feet in diameter (big).

One day I decided to use one of the tubes as a chair for my bedroom, so I washed it nice and clean like I was washing a car. I placed it in my room and found it quite comfortable. My parents happened to go out to dinner one night, so I was alone with my two younger brothers. We had finished dinner and I told them I was going upstairs to my room. I watched television for awhile sitting in my truck tube chair. After a while I decided to take a shower.

After my shower I returned to my room sitting in my chair in just my underwear. My brothers were still downstairs watching TV. I remember feeling a little horny, and started moving around on the truck tube pressing my body against the tube, and enjoying the sensations of grinding my groin against the pliable rubber surface. The feeling was awesome and I didn't want it to stop. I soon desired to take off my underwear and peaked downstairs to make sure my brothers were still entertained by the show they were watching. I returned to my room closing the door behind me. My underwear came off immediately and I returned to the truck tube. The sensations were awesome as I rubbed my naked body against and across the rubber surface.

It is amazing how human instinct drives natural actions. Eventually I began wrapping my legs around the tube on the outside edge, and also wrapping my arms around hugging the rubber object. I was on my side doing this, and the floor became uncomfortable so I moved up to my twin bed, and resumed the position. I really got into it with awesome sensation running up and down my entire body. I basically did not know what was happening, I just knew it felt great. At some point I wrapped against the tube even more with my feet that were already through to the inside of the tube, legs crossed at my calves, and my feet wrapped and held and pushed against the rubber surface giving me more pushing power. The entire front side of my body pressing against the rubber tube. The muscles of my entire body were working in unison humping the tube with the feeling intensifying with each movement.

By this time my body was feeling exhausted, and the steady rhythm I had prior was getting hard to maintain. I began humping in spasmodic thrusts going quicker and slower, until my whole body shuddered, and I lost it. I did not even know what happened when I blew my load. I felt my groin and my entire body pulsing, but did not realize anything shot out of my dick. I just lay still for a few minutes lost in the sensations during and following my orgasm. When I started to move about five minutes latter, I realized wetness against my butt. At first I was puzzled, and then realized it was white in color, not yellow. Then it dawned on me that I had ejaculated as if I had intercourse with a woman like they taught us in sex education. What a mess on my bedspread!

The following two weekends I repeated my truck tube humping, again to mind blowing orgasms, when my parents were out of the house going to dinner with friends. Then one night I was laying in bed with my hand rubbing my dick eventually wrapping my entire hand around it stroking. You know that human nature thing again... it was feeling so good I couldn't stop, and I brought myself off to my first jack off orgasm. It has been over 21 years since I humped a truck tube, as I am married for 21 years (still jacking though). Personally it is the most intense orgasms I have ever had, except there is no relationship to go along with it, which is the downside.



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