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12-year-old's Alone Time

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I can still remember it now, that feeling I got at the age of twelve.

This stuff really began when I was ten, my parents trusted me enough to leave me home alone for an hour at the longest. I was never one to touch the stove, go outside, or answer the door if I was by myself. Guess you could say I was a good kid! I first began experimenting by taking my pants off and walking around the house in blissful freedom, no one could see me naked. I would run, jump, and even watch TV naked. At the slightest sound, I'd run back into my bedroom and quickly put my pants back on for fear my parents would catch me. The thrill I would get when my heart pounded and my dick would bone out was unreal to me at that age.

I truely started to recognize what good my boner could do for me once I hit late eleven. I noticed I would get it more and more and I'd check it out frequently with a hand mirror. Sometimes I'd hump my bed to act like I was having sex with a girl I liked. Nothing short of a little innocent fun. When I turned 12, my dick grew a little and I started to get a few hairs sprout, this was obviously new to me.

One night, my parents went grocery shopping and I flipped on the TV to what? My first real porno. I instantly got hard and felt it in my tight shorts. It was a lesbian/bi porno and I still remember it now, wish I knew the name! The girl was a virgin and her step sisters were tramps. When the girls all got together to teach her, that's when it got interesting. One sucked her nipples as the other ran her fingers over her pussy. The girl cried in pain but kept going. A man walks in, her first client I guess. She feels dick for the first time and falls in love with the man. I had no idea but I was squeezing my package very hard. My body went into spasms and I began breathing very very hard. I started sweating buckets, watching my door if someone would walk in on me watching this. They had wild sex and while they climaxed, I cummed myself to tears for the first time. My pants and bvds were soaked while I cried because it felt a little painful at first for some reason. I went to the bathroom and took off my pants, sniffling and tearing up more. There were globs of white stuff all over me down there. I felt real guilty for doing that and threw away my clothes to hide evidence! A few nights later, I woke up to the same feeling, my body trembling and feeling very good. I had to catch my breath, I felt very wet. I got up to find my pants soaked again! My blankets were fine but my sheet were wet too. This happened a few more times up until a month before I turned 13.

I went in to take a shower and as usual, the moment I took my pants off I got extremely hard! I checked myself out for a bit and saw a bottle of liquid soap on the sink. I soaped my hands up and my dick while I sat on the toilet. It was all play at first but it got better, with a few more pumps, my body felt like it was floating on thin air. My back arched, my balls tightened up, and my hips bucked forward several times. Goosebumps covered me up. My dick spurted out glob after glob of my boy cum and drenched the floor. I sat there for a long time trying to recover, whimpering. The smell of my cum and the soap made me even more horny. I did it five more times in the same day, all within an hour apart.

After a while, I started doing it in my bed under the covers. As I got older, I'd go outside in my backyard and jack off in the rain (I seriously suggest you do this!!!). I've also been with a couple of friends, girls and boys. I will bring you those stories later. Hope you enjoyed this one



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