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    Author: Age: 44, 15 then Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 4 comments
    5 likes 8165 views Category: Male-Male Tags: stroking, male, teen, oral, cum, precum, eighties
    I show my friend how to j/o, and it leads to a hot year full of cumming together
    When I was 15, I met Paul in my scout troop. We went to different high schools but got along really well and had a lot of fun goofing around on campouts, listening to music, playing in the woods, normal guy stuff I guess. Within a couple of... » Read more
  • Posted by: jjerismo Age: 65 Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 3 comments
    4 likes 2682 views Category: Male Solo Tags: Solo stroking, Shower, Anal Stimulation, Arousal, Cum
    When it's the only place a married guy can enjoy himself!
    Oh I didn't mention my shower today?? Yeah I think it's been over a week since I've had any play time. Just not in the mood with the Christmas holiday plus all we had to do. Came home today and knew I'd be alone for an hour or so, put my stuff away and climbed i... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 18 Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 0 comments
    0 likes 6346 views Category: Male-Female Tags: water, solo, room mate, young, listening
    I overhear my roommate in the tub screaming with a loud orgasm
    It was about twenty years ago, I was in a band and my guitar player moved into my house where we practiced. I lived there as well as one other room mate. I was dating the woman that later became my wife. My Guitar player was young, about nineteen, little did... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 58 Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 1 comments
    4 likes 4370 views Category: Male-Male Tags: release, anticipation, jerking off, others watching, spouse
    This completes my massage story. This is a true story of my ongoing home massage experience. Massage is a wonderful gift, an erotic massage can be a gift for both the person receiving and the person giving.
    I continue to remain lying on my front, the throbbing in my balls is diminishing, the surge through my pelvis is ... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 49 Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 4 comments
    2 likes 3628 views Category: Male-Female Tags: Van, Public, Panties, Pussy rub, Wet, Fingered, Cum
    This happened 15 years ago.
    We had been out for the day with the family. We were on our way home with my parents, sister and baby daughter in my van. As I had had a few drinks I asked my sister to drive and my wife and I sat in the back. We were both feeling extremely horny with very little action thanks to a young daug... » Read more
  • Posted by: Spurtz Age: 21+ Posted on: 02 Feb 2014 5 comments
    5 likes 6033 views Category: Male-Female Tags: threesome, cock jacking, cock sucking, spurting,
    A memorable get-together with a jackoff buddy and his cock-obsessed girl friend. The accompanying photo is from the actual session related here.
    Back a number of years ago I was between marriages and had hooked up with a guy. He was married with a young son but said his wife had lost interest in sex. He also said he ha... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 65 now - 13 then Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 5 comments
    8 likes 4838 views Category: Male-Male Tags: cock, balls, mutual masturbation, cum
    After enjoying all the stories here for the past couple of years, I thought it rather selfish not to share what I feel is a pretty rich and varied sexual history. This is my first submission of what will most likely turn out to be a lengthy list of experiences that I relive over and over again.
    Born and raised in Iowa,... » Read more
  • Posted by: DaddyDave Age: Old enough Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 4 comments
    1 likes 1876 views Category: Male Solo Tags: true, backyard, aroused, hard
    In the yard one night
    This is my first entry, feedback please. I live in a home in a part of town that actually has a yard. It is kind of secluded. There is a small park behind us and neighbors on either side. One late night I had the dogs outside. I left the lights off so I could see the stars. I don't know what got i... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 45 Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 1 comments
    0 likes 2673 views Category: Male-Female Tags: Sticky Plastic, Aroused, Tickle, Rub, Cum
    How as a kid I discovered masturbation with plastic
    When I was a kid growing up I started rubbing face down on the floor. I found later that I started rubbing on different things and I found that made me tickle and cum hard. One day I found a really sticky plastic blow up beach ball that belonged to a friend of my sist... » Read more
  • Posted by: onlooker Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 6 comments
    12 likes 7123 views Category: Male-Male Tags: male-male, truck, nervous, big dick
    This is a true story of my second time jerking with a bud.
    I posted my first j/o experience with another guy a few years ago on Solo Touch, before I had an account, so I'll briefly summarize that experience: I was 23 and staying with friends for the summer, so we were also roommates. We had been out drinking, came home,... » Read more
  • Posted by: BiChuckNJ Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 13 comments
    10 likes 7642 views Category: Male-Male Tags: First time, married, cock, seduced
    My first masturbation session with a guy and my first submission to Solo Touch...
    So the summer between high school & college I was visiting a family friend, Rick who lived on the other side of town. Rick was about 12 years older than me and married to Amy for about 5 years. Rick invited me over to his place to give... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 40 Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 5 comments
    9 likes 17412 views Category: Female-Female Tags: cousin, finger, cum
    First time I saw someone have an orgasm
    This happened when I was in my teens. It was summertime, and my cousin Shannon (who is a year older than me) and I had been laying out in the sun in our bathing suits at my house. We had spent the time talking about boys, though neither of us had any experience. We spent probably ... » Read more
  • Posted by: Patrick Age: 70 Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 0 comments
    6 likes 6664 views Category: Male-Male Tags: circle jerk, nature, high school, jacking,
    Here is another true story from my mental archives. What happened in the mountains when I was 16 has been a fond memory ever since that night.
    Early in my senior year of high school I and several buddies who I knew since grade school were talking one day after school, and we all agreed to get together that Friday night... » Read more
  • Posted by: hotbiblonde Age: 32 Posted on: 01 Feb 2014 5 comments
    10 likes 7911 views Category: Female Solo Tags: porn, voyeur,
    After finding a hidden folder of home-made porn movies on my boyfriends computer, I became obsessed with watching them all.
    After I watched the first video of my BF fucking one of his many ex-girlfriends from five years ago, I could not stop thinking about it. We ended up going to the movie he wanted to see that night a... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 50 Posted on: 31 Jan 2014 2 comments
    0 likes 3098 views Category: Male Solo Tags: school restroom, images, arousal, masturbation
    Risky, but very exciting times as a teenager
    As a 1st year high school student who is thinking about sex all the time, it was common to have frequent erections during the day. Going to an all boy school made for some difficult situations. I remember in history class, we would have a weekly class on modern events, so we... » Read more
  • avatar
    Author: Age: 45 Posted on: 31 Jan 2014 1 comments
    0 likes 2321 views Category: Male Solo Tags: Male, White, Kinky, Matches Fetish
    My unique but kinky and unusual way to masturbate.
    Ever since I was younger I started to masturbate this way. I found my penis really tickled when I touched it. Soon I was laying on the floor with my hands underneath my cock and rubbing and rocking until I had my dry orgasm. I did this for a long time. One night my par... » Read more

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