Time to Celebrate Masturbation Month

Posted on: 29 Apr 2018


May is masturbation month. But here at SoloTouch.com we celebrate every day, all day, all the time.


If you’re new here, or a regular, we encourage you to make the most of Masturbation Month by taking advantage of all that SoloToch.com has to offer. As a premium member you can upload your masturbation photos and videos and see those created by other members. And you’ll be able to fully enjoy our new video chat by watching cams and showing yours, so everyone can see just how you enjoy yourself.   Remember, there was a time when you tried masturbation and found out how much fun it was. Now try a SoloTouch.com premium membership for the month and be prepared to enjoy yourself like never before. Upgrade today and we mean it when we say, “We’ll see you in the chat room.”