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Submitted by:
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Simon Age: 18 now, 16 then Posted on: 04 Nov 2013 1 comments
    0 likes 1530 views Category: Male-Male Tags: sister
    Well you guys asked for another story, so I thought I'd share this one.
    For those of you who didn't read my first story, this all took place on my cousin's farm one summer while I was staying there. My cousin's name is Luke and he has dirty blonde hair and he's quite muscular. He's the same age as me. I'm not as mu... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Tim Age: 42 now young then Posted on: 03 Nov 2013 3 comments
    2 likes 1573 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    I started jerking off at younger age. Learned from a friend during a truth or dare game. Went home that night and tried what I had learned. Did this everyday from then on. I shared my room with my younger brother. I would jerk off when I thought he was asleep. I recall one night my brother complaining about the bed... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: d.j Age: 25 Posted on: 02 Nov 2013 1 comments
    1 likes 1809 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    I remember a few games my next door neighbor and I used to play when we were alone we had been friends for awhile and we would hang out as much as we could.We would wait till either one of us had the house to ourselves and call one another to come over it would just be a few minutes till we were together, so he called ... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Rick J Age: 49 (19 at the time) Posted on: 01 Nov 2013 1 comments
    2 likes 1500 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    My first real sexual experience...
    I've actually posted this story on here before years ago but I recently rediscovered the site and thought I would tell a little more since the experience is one I'll never forget. The first time I came in front of anyone else was when I was 19. I was a late starter and a little na... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Hayden Age: 17 Posted on: 01 Nov 2013 1 comments
    3 likes 1469 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    When I started to develop I began getting orgasms in my sleep to very sexy dreams and would have this happen more than once every night especially in the early mornings. Sometimes a few times in a row. It would wake me up and I would mop up as best I could and go back to sleep hoping for another dream. I talked to ... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Michael Guess Age: 18 Posted on: 30 Oct 2013 2 comments
    2 likes 2785 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    Bad grades in Algebra added up to an awesome experience
    I had an F on my midterm report for Algebra in the ninth grade. My teacher gave my Mom the name of a tutor. The tutors name was Leslie. I had never met Leslie and I was really nervous about spending alone time with a girl. I must admit that I had dreams of what... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Matthew Age: 21 Posted on: 29 Oct 2013 7 comments
    3 likes 2027 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    A story about being a curious 16 year old.
    My best friend Brendan and I met when we were both young, and did nearly everything together as we were growing up. People used to confuse us as brothers, because we were both always around the same height, both had brown hair practically identical builds. When we went to h... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: One of the Guys Age: 58 Posted on: 28 Oct 2013 3 comments
    0 likes 1208 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    I heard about a group of men who get together and give each other erotic massages in Berkeley on Thursdays. Since I lived only a short distance away, I went one evening.
    These weekly massages were being held at Body Electric, a school of erotic massage on the second floor of an industrial building surrounded by other in... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: worldtraveler Age: 36 (27 then) Posted on: 27 Oct 2013 1 comments
    2 likes 2729 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    Masturbated by my friends friend while I "slept".
    I was 27 and travelled to another city by plane to visit my friend for her 40th birthday party. I thought I would be staying at her house overnight before my flight the next day, but when I arrived at the airport I was taken to the party which was at her friends house, a... » Read more
  • Jay

    Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: D Age: 25 Posted on: 26 Oct 2013 5 comments
    1 likes 1555 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    What started as a prank ends in . .
    I met Jay when I was second year in college. He's pretty good looking, fun to hang out with, he has a good body and he has that bad boy look. We became good friends in a short amount of time mainly because we share the same interests in games, sports, vices, girls and we also got the ... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Scott Age: 56 Posted on: 24 Oct 2013 3 comments
    6 likes 3458 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    A true story of the first time I masturbated. At first I called this story "Dan and I" and it was to be about my experiences with my best friend. It ended up extremely long so I've broken it down into several smaller stories.
    I shared a room with my older brother Lee for as long as I can remember and we saw each other... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Greg Age: 15 Posted on: 24 Oct 2013 2 comments
    1 likes 1217 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    This was a true story that happened in Southern California back in 1975
    I played percussion for my school orchestra and band and took private lessons as well. My teacher was putting on a concert for some some of the local schools and asked me to join the percussion ensemble group he formed. There were six of us plus m... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Ike Age: 18 now , 15 then Posted on: 22 Oct 2013 1 comments
    1 likes 2001 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    Home made is always best
    I had just turned 15 when my best friend and I got to watch our first porn. Dave was fourteen, and we got really worked up watching three college girls sucking off the twelve guys from their basketball team. Most every girl knelt and opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for a worm, and the ... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Brian Age: 21 Posted on: 21 Oct 2013 0 comments
    0 likes 1374 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    Brian is about to find out how close he is with his friend Tyler. Fantasy with made up characters.
    Brian and Tyler were close friends since elementary school. Brian is Asian, weighs 167 pounds and 5'11". Tyler on the other hand is athletic, half white, half Mexican, 6'1" and weighs 198 pounds. Tyler is a football player... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Step Brothers Age: 14/13 Than. 19/18 Now Posted on: 20 Oct 2013 2 comments
    3 likes 2541 views Category: Male-Male Tags:
    My step brother and I masturbate each other for the first time. Not a good writer so I say sorry in advance.
    When I was 14, I was pretty well developed. I was about 6.5 inches hard and uncircumsized and I liked to keep my pubes trimmed. I would masturbate a minimum of twice a day and would at least cum about 7 thick rop... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Blake Age: 19 Posted on: 20 Oct 2013 3 comments
    1 likes 2191 views Category: Male-Male Tags: blake
    On October 9th I submitted the story Me and My Brother Learning Together, and this is what happened after.
    Shortly after we turned 13, me and my twin brother Josh, learned to masturbate together. We continued to do so almost every night. On the third night after we started, we pulled off our clothes and got in bed like ... » Read more

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